"The MFW grant is special in that it recognizes an aspect of my work that is at the core of who I am and what I am trying to accomplish"—one of our grantees


In addition to support from the estates of Barbara Deming and Mary Meigs, the Fund relies on general donations and the interest of women in the arts and letters to increase its base. This past year over fifty percent of the Fund’s donors were former grantees. Often these donations are modest, but their support is vital.

Please consider making a donation. It's expensive to grow a creative vision. Funds from the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund have assisted with the costs of supplies, time away from work, studio rental, research trips, mailing expenses, and occasionally, medical fees.

  • Your gift of $100 will provide funds for several contest fees, duplication costs and postage for a writer sending out her work.
  • A gift of $500 can help defray living costs for an artist in order to finish her work for a show.
  • A gift of $1,000 can pay for childcare or give uninterrupted time on a project.
  • But any amount helps ! Help us to make it possible to award all the best work.

Your donation makes a huge difference to us, both in assuring us that we can maintain our grant giving, and in encouraging us in our effort to make sure the Money for Women fund continues on.


"Just back from an early morning swim. There was a tiny dog there, diving for stones – which she’d carefully bring back, one after another, to the shore. Wish they were new contributions for MFW. Little dog, find us another angel!"

– Barbara Deming in a letter to a friend June 28, 1981


Some of our Grantees in the past ten years:

Sachiko Akiyama, Zelda Alpern, Selena Anderson, Judith Arcana, Mira Bartok, Lory Bedikian, Beverly Bell, Mary Jo Bole, Gayle Brandeis, Lois Cremins, Angie Cruz, Pat De Caro, Debra Dean, Stella Pope Duarte, Cynthia Gaver, Kelle Groom, Harmony Hammond, Ghida Hamze-Sinno,Yona Harvey, Kathleen Holmes, Adele Leibowitz, Jan Heller Levi, Marisol Martinez, Shara McCallum, Farnoosh Moshiri, Eileen Myles, Marie Myung-Ok Lee, Leslea Newman, Julia Older, Sharon Olinka, Emily Raboteau, Aleida Rodriguez, Evelyn Rogers, Willa Schneberg, Elena Schwolsky-Fitch, Laura Seftel, Faith Shearin, Erin Soros, Susan Stinson, Phyllis Stowell, Cheryl Strayed, Julija Sukys, Peggy Ann Tartt, Alice Templeton, Mary Ting, Natasha Trethewey, Lyrae Van Clief Stefanon, Valerie Wallace, Holly Wong, Fran Zell